The Recruitment Process

Tau Kappa Epsilon adds members through the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) process called rush.  Rush is the process by which fraternities introduce themselves to potential new members, or rushees.  During this time, rushees will be introduced to members of the twelve IFC fraternities.  Rush is designed to help a rushee get to know his potential brothers, what they do, how they act, and what they stand for; and at the end of the week, the goal is for each rushee to better understand himself and join an organization that he will be proud to call his fraternity.

At Truman, rush is a formal process that lasts for one week.  The Rush Assembly, hosted by the Inter-fraternity Council, takes place on campus where a rushee will be given the opportunity to meet various members of the fraternities. At this time he will meet the Inter-fraternity Council Adviser, the officers of the Inter-fraternity Council, and representatives from each of Truman’s twelve active fraternities.  Beginning that night, a rushee will be invited to events that are hosted by these individual organizations.  These events may be on campus, at chapter houses, or elsewhere.  In the middle of the week, fraternities will start hosting invitation-only events.  By this time, a rushee starts narrowing down the list of organizations in which he is interested.

Bids are given out Thursday night of Rush Week.  A bid is an invitation to join a fraternity.  A rushee that receives multiple bids will choose only one to sign.  Bids are signed on Friday of Rush Week.