Academics Chairman:

Daniel Livingstone
The duties of the Academics Chairman are:

A. To monitor study hours by setting up proctors and times at the first meeting of the semester.

B. To serve on the Academic Committee alongside the Hypophetes and Prytanis.

C. To maintain a 3.0 or above cumulative grade point average.

D. To establish an Academics Policy at the first meeting of the fall semester requiring approval of a majority of the active Chapter members present at the meeting.

E. Should the chapter not elect an academics chairman, this position shall revert back into the Hypophetes.

F. To collect the grades of each member, assigning any necessary study hours, and lowing the number of study hours appropriately on special occasions.

G. To counsel with any member about his academic progress and difficulties, arranging for further help, tutoring and counseling as needed.

H. Develop a chapter academic recognition program, to recognize all men who have achieved a GPA at least equal to the AMA campus, and those above a 3.5 (on the Dean's List). The recognition shall be for both semester and accumulative results.

I. To get in contact with with all persons who are going to lose social privileges due to incomplete study hours before social privileges are revoked.
Fundraising Chairman:

Taylor Schlotzhauer
The duties of the Fundraising Chairman are:

A. To hold at minimum one fund raising event per semester, towards the goal of one particular budgetary item presented by the chairman and approved by the chapter.
House Management Chairman:

Thomas Felman
The duties of the House Management Chairman are:

A. To keep the chapter house full, in conjunction with the Crysophylos.

B. To keep a record of room rental leases, in conjunction with the Crysophylos.

C. To meet regularly with the Chapter Advisor and the Crysophylos, assessing all room damage charges, keeping permanent record of all damages room by room.

D. To assist in preparing the house budget with the Prytanis, Epiprytanis, and Crysophylos.

E. To supervise and conduct all cleaning and maintenance activities for the Chapter house and grounds.

F. To educate incoming candidates for membership on the location of all cleaning supplies and appropriate uses before their first house duty is assigned.

G. To ensure the completion of a nightly house checklist as specified by the Pylortes, either in person or by an appointed active member.

H. To conduct monthly, quarterly, and yearly house inspections with the Pylortes.

I. To conduct a timed and recorded fire drill every semester.

J. To facilitate repairs of the house in conjunction with the Pylortes.
IFC Chairman:

Taylor Schlotzhauer
The duties of the Inter-Fraternity Council Representative are:

A. To attend the weekly meetings of the Inter-Fraternity Council along with the voting delegate.

B. To record the proceedings and report all information of significance to the Chapter.

C. The IFC Representative shall run for office in the IFC executive board. It is their choice as to what office they run for.

D. To post the minutes of the IFC meeting on the chapter website in a timely fashion.
Intramurals Chairman:

Jack Blansitt
The duties of the Intramurals Chairman are:

A. To organize and supervise the athletic participation of the Chapter in all appropriate events.
B. To report to the Chapter all pertinent Intramurals results.
C. To act as coach and/or team captain in all said events, or delegating said responsibilities to a willing volunteer.

D. To ensure the Team Captain pays debts incurred as a result of forfeiture of an event.
Philanthropy Chairman:

Ryan Reiling
The duties of the Philanthropy Chairman are:

A. To organize and run a major charity event in order to raise money for the Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Foundation or the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

B. If the chapter opts not to elect a Philanthropy Chairman, the duties shall revert to the Epiprytanis.

C. The Philanthropy chairman shall issue a written report featuring both man-hours recorded at the event, and funds raised during the event at the second meeting at the end of the event.
Public Relations Chairman:

Michael Menkhus
The duties of the Public Relations Chairman are:

A. To furnish information on activities of the Fraternity to the university, newspaper, and any other sources of media the chapter so decides.

B. Create advertising media such as posters, flyers, chalkings, banners, and social network advertising.
Rush Chairman:

Daniel Livingstone
The duties of the Rush Chairman are:

A. To develop an appropriate and effective program to attract new members to the Fraternity, submitting the program in writing to the Chapter at the end of the prior semester for approval for the next term (See Rush Bylaws).

B. To present a bid of membership upon vote of the Chapter to interested individuals and to report their acceptance of that bid to the Chapter.

C. The rush chair shall be responsible for the entirety of the semester of rush in which they have graduated from vice chairman.
Service Chairman:

Andrew Fritz
The duties of the Service Chairman are:

A. To present service opportunities to the chapter at the weekly chapter meeting.

B. To create service opportunities in cooperation with local businesses and organizations.

C. To work with the current Philanthropy Chairman in organizing service opportunities.

D. To record each active member's completed service hours, and submit them to the Epiprytanis no later than one week before leaving office.

E. If the Chapter opts not to elect a Service Chairman, the duties shall revert to the Epiprytanis.
Social Chairman:

Dustin McClintock
The duties of the Social Chairman are:

A. To coordinate all social functions for the chapter with outside organizations and groups and any private functions the chapter should hold.

B. To post a monthly calendar with upcoming events for the Chapter's approval.

C. To design any shirts or souvenirs of events for the Chapter's approval.

D. To supervise and direct the social program, hiring halls, bands, services and purchasing supplies as approved by the Crysophylos and/or the Chapter.

E. To preside over the Special Events chairman and the Intramurals chairman.
Special Events Chairman:

Ali Nicholas Hawach
The duties of the Special Events Chairman are:

A. To attend the organizational meetings of Homecoming, Greek Week, and anything else that the chapter deems appropriate.

B. To record the proceedings and report all information of significance to the Chapter.

C. To coordinate the Chapter's participation in appropriate events.
Vice-Rush ChairmanThe duties of the Vice-Rush Chairman are:

A. To assist the Rush Chairman in all aspects of Rush, as delegated by the Rush Chairman, and in doing so become familiarized and acquainted with the process of Rush

B. To design and have accepted a full Rush plan for the following term.

C. The vice rush chairman shall serve for a single term under the rush chairman, and graduate to rush chairman at the end of this term.

Cameron Viehmann
The duties of the Webmaster are:

A. To maintain a functioning web site of the Fraternity and oversee appropriate moderation.

B. To make sure that there are links from both the University Web Page and the Inter-Fraternity Council Web Page to the Chapter web page.