TKE – A Brotherhood, An Experience, A Fraternity For Life

On a cold January night in 1899, five men at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois founded an organization based on a simple message.

“Not for wealth, rank, or honor, but for personal worth and character.”

These words form the basis of why Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest international fraternity in the world. With over 250,000 men initiated into our bond, and more joining each semester, TKE continues to grow and change with the world around it.

Men who have signed our scroll have gone on to be Presidents, Senators, CEOs, philantropists, and even professional wrestlers. Tau Kappa Epsilon encourages diversity, growth, and, most importantly, character. Ask any member of TKE, past or present – TKE is such a powerful force in our members’ lives because it challenges us to think about college, friendship, and life in a way that changes one’s perspective permanently.

Here at Truman State, we pride ourselves on upholding these values. In our eyes, the greatest asset a man can have is not an enormous bank account, nor is it a mansion or a fancy car. The greatest asset a man can have is a sterling character of staunch uprightness. Being a gentleman is not just a suggestion – for us, it is a way of life.

Now don’t get us wrong – TKE is more than character development. This is a social fraternity, and as such, we think that the best way to grow together is to have fun together. Whether it’s mixers with sororities or just playing video games at the house, the men of Iota-Gamma find ways every day to not only grow as men, but also grow as friends. The bonds of brotherhood here run deep; I know that I have met men in the past few years that will remain my best friends for my entire life.

Of course, we can talk a big game all we want. We can say that we have fun, that our events are the best, that our brotherhood is the strongest. But in my eyes, the best way for you to see that is to come check us out for yourself. I remember my first time at TKE – I had not felt more at home than I did the first time I walked through those doors. Come to TKE, and I guarantee you’ll feel the same way.


-Michael Menkhus, 2016 Historian and 2017 Public Relations Chairman